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NPS Passport Cancellation Guide:Sites:Arkansas

Arkansas Post NM
Park brochure for Arkansas Post NM
Park Map
Synopsis: Historical park of early outpost established by the French.
Stamp Location: Visitor Center is located at the end of SR 169 south of Gillett.
Park stamp not obtained yet
Buffalo National River
Park brochure for Buffalo National River
Park Map
Synopsis: Park protects one of the few unpolluted and free flowing rivers in the lower 48.
Stamp Location: The two visitor centers for the park is the Tyler Bend Visitor Center located eleven miles north of Marshall. The park has three other visitor contact stations; the Pruitt Ranger Station, located five miles north of Jasper on Highway 7, and Buffalo Point Ranger Station, located 17 miles south of Yellville, on Highway 14. The stamp can also be obtained at the headquarters at 402 N Walnut in Harrison.
Park stamp for not obtained yet
Central High School NHS
Park brochure not obtained yet Synopsis: Site is a national emblem of the often violent struggle over school desegregation.
Stamp Location: Stamp is available in the visitor center located at 14th and Park Sts in Little Rock.
Park stamp not obtained yet
Fort Smith NHS
Park brochure not obtained yet
Park Map
Synopsis: Park stands today as a reminder of 80 turbulent years in the history of Federal Indian Policy.
Stamp Location: Stamp is available in the south end of the Barracks/Courthouse/Jail building on US 64 in Fort Smith.
Park stamp not obtained yet
Hot Springs NP
Park brochure for Hot Springs NP
Park Map
Synopsis: Park was a former resort community turned national park and features bathhouses in an historic district.
Stamp Location: Visitor center is located in the middle of bathhouse row on SR 7 in downtown Hot Springs.
Park stamp not obtained yet
Pea Ridge NMP
Park brochure for Pea Ridge NMP
Park Map
Synopsis: Park commemorates 1862 battle for the control over Missouri.
Stamp Location: The parks visitor center is located off SR 62 east of Pea Ridge.
Park stamp not obtained yet
Trail of Tears NHT
Park brochure not obtained yet Synopsis: Trail memorializes the forced migration of thousands of natives to land in the west. Many never made it.
Stamp Location: Known locations: Arkansas Post NM, Pea Ridge NMP and Fort Smith NHS. See also Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and New Mexico for additional stamping locations.
Park stamp not obtained yet

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