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NPS Passport Cancellation Guide:Sites:Arizona

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Canyon de Chelly NM
Park brochure for Canyon de Chelly NM
Park Map
Synopsis: Protects villiage dating from 350. (note: pronounced Canyon de Shay)
Stamp Location: Visitor center located on SR 7, east of Chinle and US 191.
Park stamp for Canyon de Chelly
Casa Grande Ruins NM
Park brochure for Casa Grande Ruins NM Synopsis: The nation's first archeological preserve protects one of the largest prehistoric structures in North America.
Stamp Location: Visitor center is located off SR 87/287 in Coolidge.
Park stamp for Casa Grande Ruins NM
Chiricahua NM
Park brochure for Chiricahua NM
Park Map
Synopsis: Geological park of odd rock formations. Countless rocks stand upright amists the cool mountains in an otherwise hot desert region. Wildlife from Mexico mixes with more northern species here.
Stamp Location: Visitor center located several miles into the park off SR 186 (follow signs) east of Wilcox.
Park stamp for Chiricahua NM
Coronado NM
Park brochure for Coronado NM
Park Map
Synopsis: Park commemorate the place where the first major European expedition entered the present day U.S.
Stamp Location: Visitor center is centrally located within the monument. To get there, follow SR 92 south of Sierra Vista and take S. Coronado Mem. Blvd which will lead you to the canyon where the monument lies (21 miles).
Park stamp for Coronado NM
Fort Bowie NHS
Park brochure for Fort Bowie NHS
Park Map
Synopsis: Site comemorates the location of the former Army base where Cochise surrendered. All that remains are foundations of buildings and a ranger station.
Stamp Location: Ranger station located at the actual site. To get to the actual site you must hike a 1.5 mile trail across the desert and up the ridge to Apache Pass where the site is. The trailhead is located on Apache Pass Rd (unpaved), 12 miles from I-10 and Bowie or 6 miles from SR 186 to the south. If you can not do the hike and are in a wheel chair and need assistance, call 520.847.2500 for a car to take you an alternative route in. Brochures are also only available at the site. Bring plenty of water for the hike.
Park stamp for Fort Bowie NHS
Glen Canyon NRA
Park brochure for Glen Canyon NRA
Park Map
Synopsis: Scenic water and backcountry area of southern Utah that helped give rise to the modern environmental movement.
Stamp Location: Visitor centers include the Carl Hayden VC just west of Page US 89 and the Navajo Bridge Interpretive Center outside of Marble Canyon on US 89 Alt. See also Utah for additional stamp locations.
Park stamp for Glen Canyon NRA
Grand Canyon
Park brochure for Grand Canyon NP
Park Map
Synopsis: Massive canyon is the largest in the world, exposing more layers of rock than anywhere else. Crowded except in winter.
Stamp Location: On the south rim its definetly available at the Canyon View Information Plaza north of the south entrance next to Mather Point and the Desert View bookstore by the east entrance. The stamp may also be obtained at the Tusayan Museum, the Yavapai Observation Station VC Bookstore, Kolb Studio, the Canyon View Info Plaza VC. On the north rim its available at the North Rim Visitor Center at the end of SR 67, and at the Tuweep Ranger station over 60 miles south of SR 389 near the Pipe Spring NM (road may be impassable when wet).
Park stamp for Grand Canyon NP
Hohakam Pima NM
Park brochure not obtained yet Synopsis: Preserved here are the archeological remains of the Hohokam culture. Hohokam is a Pima Indian word meaning "those who have gone."
Stamp Location: None. Stamp does not exist because site is not open to the public. It's listed here for informational purposes.
Park stamp does not exist
Hubbell Trading Post NHS
Park brochure for Hubbell Trading Post NHS
Park Map
Synopsis: Park preserves the oldest continuously run Navajo trading post.
Stamp Location: Stamp may be obtained in the park visitor center on SR 264, just west of Ganado.
Park stamp for Hubbell Trading Post NHS
Juan Bautista de Anza NHT
Park brochure not obtained yet Synopsis: Trail commemorates the route followed by Anza in 1775-76 when he led a contingent of 30 soldiers and their families from near Nogales, AZ to found a presidio and mission on the San Francisco Bay.
Stamp Location: Stamp is available in Arizona at the Tumacacori NHP, the Casa Grande Ruins NM and the Red Hills VC in Saguaro NP. See also California for an additional stamp location.
Park stamp for Juan Bautista de Anza NHT

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