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NPS Passport Cancellation Guide:Links

Links for stamp collectors

The following is a list of sites that will aid you in your quest to visit all of the National Park Service sites and get a Passport cancellation stamp recording your visit:

National Park Service - Main site. Here you can find links and information about the Park Service.

NPS Index of Parks - Main listing of sites managed by the NPS. You can also search by map, or by interest.

NPS Interactive Map Center - The NPS's interactive atlas to NPS units.

National Park Maps - Parks listed alphabetically with links to each parks map.

Daniel Cohen's Collection - Another man's quest to visit every site is well documented and organized, with links to sites, copies of the stamps and where he obtained them.

Our Forum - The place to go and discuss your quest. You can get ideas and help from others who also are on the same quest as you. Note: Our forum is not available at this time

National Parks Newsgroup - The newsgroup rec.outdoors.national-parks is set up to discuss information about and visiting the national parks, though others may not be on the same quest as you. You can also read the group online at Google Groups.

National Park Lover Page - A page for people who love our National Parks! Share stories, exchange information, even see pictures from many different National Parks.

National Parks Passport Pals - An old page that doesn't seem to be maintained anymore, but the only other such page we were able to find on this topic.

NP Birthdays - National Park Birthdays, sorted by day of the year.

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