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NPS Passport Cancellation Guide:Sites:Massachusetts

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Adams NHP
Park brochure for Adams NHP Synopsis: Park preserves homes of two presidents
Stamp Location: Vistor Center in Downtown Quincy on Hancock St. off Rte 3 and at the Carriage House, 135 Adams St.
Park stamp for Adams NHP
Blackstone River Valley NHC
Park brochure for Blackstone River Valley NHC
Park Map
Synopsis: Preserves and interprets the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution. Note: Also extends into RI.
Stamp Location: Stamp is available in Massachusetts at the River Bend Farm VC in North Uxbridge. See also Rhode Island for an additional stamp location.
Park stamp for Blackstone River Valley NHC
Boston NHP
Park brochure for Boston NHP
Park Map
Synopsis: Historical park preserving Boston's role in our nations road from colonist to independence.
Stamp Location: Main visitor center is located in downtown Boston at Court & Congress Streets. Use the 'T' and get off at Government Center. Stamp is also available at Charlestown Navy Yard VC next to the USS Constitution, the Bunker Hill Monument (just north of the Navy Yard) and at Faneuil Hall.
Park stamp for Boston NHP
Boston African American NHS
Park brochure not obtained yet
Park Map
Synopsis: Park preserves structures and tells the stories of Boston's African American history including the African Meeting House, the oldest standing African-American church in the U.S.
Stamp Location: Stamp is located in the park visitor center at 46 Joy St in Boston (just off Beacon St and Beacon Hill).
Park stamp for Boston African American NHS
Boston Harbor Islands NRA
Park brochure for Boston Harbor Islands NRA Synopsis: Recreation area protecting islands in Boston's Harbor.
Stamp Location: During the summer months (when you can visit the islands), the stamp is located at either Long Wharf or Fan Pier on the mainland, and on George's and Little Brewster Islands out on the islands. During the winter months (when you can't visit the islands), the stamp is located at the Boston NHP visitor center (follow directions for that location).
Park stamp for Boston Harbor Islands NRA
Cape Cod NS
Park brochure for Cape Cod NS
Park Map
Synopsis: Ecological park protects otherwise crowded Cape Cod.
Stamp Location: Available at either the Salt Pond Visitor Center off US 6 in Eastham or the Province Lands Visitor Center on Race Point Road in Provincetown (off US 6).
Park stamp for Cape Cod NS
Dorchester Heights NHS
Park brochure for Dorcehester Heights NHS Synopsis: Dorchester Heights is significant for its role in the evacuation of the British from Boston during the Revolutionary War.
Stamp Location: Stamp may be obtained on site during the summer months (click here for directions). Stamp is available the rest of the year at the main Boston NHP visitor center.
Park stamp for Dorchester Heights NHS
Essex National Heritage Area
Park brochure for Essex National Heritage Area Synopsis: Affiliation of groups protecting historical sites within the region.
Stamp Location: The stamp may be obtained at the NPS Regional Visitor Center in Salem (follow directions to the Salem Maritime NHP) and at the Saugus Iron Works NHS.
Park stamp not obtained yet
Frederick Law Olmsted NHS
Park brochure for Frederick Law Olmsted NHS Synopsis: Site preserves home and archives (over 1,000,000 documents) of the father of American landscape architecture.
Stamp Location: Stamp is at the information desk as you enter the home. The home is at 99 Warren St off SR 9 in Brookline.
Park stamp for Frederick Law Olmsted NHS
John F Kennedy NHS
Park brochure for John F Kennedy NHS
Park Map
Synopsis: Park preserves early home of the 35th president. Only open Wednesday - Sunday, 10am - 4:30pm, April - October.
Stamp Location: Stamp is located in the visitor center/bookstore in the basement of the house at 83 Beals St in Brookline. The site is closed November - March, during this time the stamp is available at Frederick Law Olmsted NHS (see that listing above for more information).
Park stamp for John F Kennedy NHS
Longfellow NHS
Park brochure for Longfellow NHS Synopsis: Park preserves home of one of the world's foremost poets, scholars and educators. Note: Site is currently closed for rehabilitation. A recent on-site visit was made after contacting the site via phone for the purpose of obtaining the passport stamp.
Stamp Location: Currently in flux. Site is located at 105 Brattle St in Cambridge (617.876.4491), and is currently closed (including the visitor center), but a phone call and visit allowed one of the personel to rummage through a drawer and find the stamp. No date of opening has been given.
Park stamp for Longfellow NHS

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