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NPS Passport Cancellation Guide:Sites:Maryland

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Antietam NB
Park brochure for Antietam NB
Park Map
Synopsis: Battlefield and cemetary for the bloodiest battle in the Civil War.
Stamp Location: Visitor Center located right off SR 65 in Sharpsburg.
Park stamp for Antietam NB
Assateague Island NS
Park brochure for Assateague Island NS
Park Map
Synopsis: Ecological park preserving barrier island off MD coast.
Stamp Location: Barrier Island Visitor Center on SR 611, just east of Berlin and right before the bridge to the seashore. See also Virginia for an additional stamp location.
Park stamp for Assateague Island NS
Baltimore-Washington Parkway
Park brochure for Baltimore-Washington Parkway Synopsis: Parkway that connects Washington and Baltimore.
Stamp Location: Stamp is available at either stamping location inside Greenbelt Park and at the George Washington Memorial Parkway (GWMP) Headquaters (VA). See separate listings for directions.
Park stamp for Baltimore-Washington Parkway
Catoctin Mountains Park
Park brochure for Catoctin Mountains Park
Park Map
Synopsis: Scenic wilderness area with hills and waterfalls. Camp David is located within the park, though not visible from any of the roads.
Stamp Location: Visitor center that is located halfway through the park on SR 77 west of Thurmont off US 15.
Park stamp for Catoctin Mountains Park
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal NHP
Park brochure for Chesapeake and Ohio Canal
Park Map
Synopsis: Park preserves historic canal built to allow shipping between Washington and Pittsburgh.
Stamp Location: Great Falls Tavern VC at the end of MacArtur Blvd (11710) in Potomac, Brunswick VC at 40 West Potomac St in Brunswick, Williamsport VC at 205 West Potomac St. in Williamsport (off I-81), Hancock VC at 326 East Main St in Hancock (off I-70), the Cumberland VC at 13 Canal St in Cumberland (off I-68) and park headquarters in Hagerstown. It may also be offered elsewhere (e.g. its known to be offered at Harpers Ferry NHP in WV), so enquire locally or consult the official site. See also West Virginia and D.C. for an additional stamp locations.
Park stamp for Chesapeake and Ohio Canal NHP
Clara Barton NHS
Park brochure for Clara Barton NHS Synopsis: Historic site preserves home and once warehouse of American Red Cross founder.
Stamp Location: Located inside home, as you enter, in Glen Echo off MacArthur Blvd, just NW of Washington. The stamp is also available at the GWMP Headquarters in Turkey Run Park. See the George Washington Memorial Parkway listing for directions.
Park stamp for Clara Barton NHS
Clara Barton Parkway
Park brochure not obtained yet Synopsis: Suburban Washington, D.C. parkway is a 'moving' memorial to Clara Barton.
Stamp Location: Located at the Turkey GWMP Headquarters in Turkey Run Park, Clara Barton NHS & Glen Echo Park.
Park stamp not obtained yet
Fort McHenry NM and HS
Park brochure for Fort McHenry NM and HS
Park Mark
Synopsis: Site preserves the historic fort where the Star Spangled Banner was written
Stamp Location: Visitor center next to the fort where a film is shown explaining the events leading to the writing of our National Anthem. To get there, from northbound or southbound I-95, take exit 55 to Key Highway. From Key Highway turn left on Lawrence Street and left on Fort Avenue. Proceed one mile to the park.
Park stamp for Fort McHenry NM and HS
Fort Washington Park
Park brochure for Fort Washington Park
Park Map
Synopsis: Fort was once part of the defense system for the capital, but now is a ecological park.
Stamp Location: Visitor center located in the big yellow building to the right of the fort as you approach it at the end of Fort Washington Rd off SR 210 in Fort Washington, south of the capital beltway.
Park stamp for Fort Washington Park
Glen Echo Park
Park brochure for Glen Echo Park
Park Map
Synopsis: Former amusment park turned park service site catering to the arts community.
Stamp Location: Stamp can be obtained in the Park Office, up the ramp to the left of the carousel. Off MacArthur Blvd in Glen Echo, it shares parking with the Clara Barton NHS. The stamp is also available at the GWMP Headquarters in Turkey Run Park.
Park stamp for Glen Echo Park
Fort Foote Park
Park brochure not obtained yet Synopsis: Former fort was once part of Washington's defense, not its a suburban park.
Stamp Location: Stamp is available at the Fort Washington VC. See separate listing for directions.
Park stamp for Fort Foote Park

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