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NPS Passport Cancellation Guide:Sites:Maine

Acadia National Park
Park brochure for Acadia NP
Park Map
Synopsis: Ecological preserve with unique features such as the highest point and the only fjord on the eastern seaboard.
Stamp Location: Available at the main visitor center just north of Bar Harbor, at the top of Cadillac Mountain, in the Hulls Cove VC, on Isle au Haut (reached by ferry), the old Winter Harbor Naval Station, the Sieur De Monts Nature Center, the Sewall & Blackwoods Campgrounds, on Thompson Island or at the park headquarters in the off season (follow signs).
Park stamp for Acadia NP
Maine Acadian Culture
Park brochure not obtained yet Synopsis: The National Park Service aids local efforts at cultural conservation in the Saint John Valley via the Maine Acadian Heritage Council, an association of historical societies, cultural clubs, towns, and museums that work together to perpetuate Maine Acadian culture.
Stamp Location: Park is managed out of the Maine Acadian Heritage Council, 344 East Main St in Madawaska. It is unknown of a stamp exists.
Park stamp not obtained yet
Roosevelt Campobello Island Park
Park brochure not obtained yet Synopsis: Park is a unique example of international cooperation. This 2800 acre park is a joint memorial by Canada and the United States and a symbol of the close relationship between the two countries. Includes the cottage and the grounds where President Roosevelt vacationed, the waters where he sailed, and the woods, bogs, and beaches where he tramped and relaxed.
Stamp Location: Park does not have a stamp as confirmed with several visits and contacting the administration. Park is run by a joint commission that is affiliated with the park service. Its also the only affiliated area of the NPS without one!
Park stamp not obtained yet
St Croix Island IHS
Park brochure for St Croix Island IHS
Park Map
Synopsis: The only International Historic Site and the least visited park service site preserves the island as a memorial to the begining of the United States and Canada. The earliest European settlement (1604, before Jamestown) occured here and led to the exploration of the north Atlantic coast.
Stamp Location: Stamp is located in the interpretive shelter on the mainland along US 1, eight miles south of Calais, at the State of Maine Information Center at the intersections of US 1 & SR 9 and at the Hulls Cove VC at Acadia NP (see separate listing) where you'll have to ask for the stamp. Access to the island is by private boat only. We were the only ones there the day we went in Oct. 1995!
Park stamp for St Croix IHS, aquired at a later date than visitation

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