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NPS Passport Cancellation Guide:Sites:New York

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Castle Clinton NM
Park brochure for Castle Clinton NM Synopsis: Historic site was once a fort protecting NYC, became an immigrant depot
Stamp Location: Information kiosk and bookstore located in the middle of former parade grounds of the fort in Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan.
Park stamp for Castle Clinton NM
Eleanor Roosevelt NHS
Park brochure for Eleanor Roosevelt NHS Synopsis: Site preserves home of first lady where she spent her time away from her sick and busy husband.
Stamp Location: Stamp is located on the site in the 'playhouse' where films are viewed. The playhouse is a walk from the parking area as you walk past the two homes, behind Eleanors house. The parking area is off SR 9G, about 6 miles north of Poukeepsie. Signage may make it difficult to locate...consult the official site for full directions.
Park stamp for Eleanor Roosevelt NHS
Ellis Island NM
Park brochure used for Ellis Island NM
Park Map
Synopsis: Park preserves former immigration center where millions of foriegners arrived into the U.S.
Stamp Location: Stamp is at the information desk in the entrance hall. Access to the island is from Battery Park (Castle Clinton NM). Your ticket is good for both Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. See also New Jersey for additional access options.
Park stamp for Ellis Island NM
Erie Canalway NHC
Park brochure not obtained yet Synopsis: Park works with state and local agencies to preserve the most commercially enduring and historically significant canalway in the United States.
Stamp Location: Stamp may be obtained at the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural NHS, Women's Rights NHP, Fort Stanwix NM and Saratoga NMP. See separate listings for more directions.
Park stamp for teh Erie Canalway NHC
Federal Hall NM
Park brochure for Federal Hall NM Synopsis: The memorial preserves the site where George Washington was first sworn in and the first congress met. Present structure was not used for either events. The memorial lies blocks from where the former World Trade Center towers stood. A visit to this site will allow you to see Ground Zero, where a new national memorial will almost certainly rest.
Stamp Location: At information desk straight across from entrance where you have to pass through a metal detector. The hall is located at the corner of Wall and Nassau Sts in New York City. Hopefully the staff present will be more friendly than on my visit.
Park stamp for Federal Hall NM
Fire Island NS
Park brochure for Fire Island NS
Synopsis: Protects outerbank island along southern Long Island. Reportedly an alternative lifestyle gathering place.
Stamp Location: Visitor centers include the Fire Island Lighthouse VC next to the Robert Moses State Park in Islip, the Sailors Haven VC and Watch Hill VC in Brookhaven (accessible only by boat), and the Fire Island Wilderness VC at the end of SR 46 in Brookhaven. The stamp is also available at the William Floyd Estate and at Park Headquarters in Patchogue. Consult official site for hours on all centers.
Park stamp not obtained yet
Fort Stanwix NM
Park brochure for Fort Stanwix NM Synopsis: Site comemorates the fort built here to protect the region. One of the finest period forts in the U.S. Save time and skip the orientation film (a 20 minute film that mentions Fort Stanwix once and the rest is about the revolotionary battles in NY).
Stamp Location: Stamp is in the visitor center near the sales counter which is located inside the fort on the left hand side as you enter. To get to the fort, you need to park across the street in a paid garage. The garage is located on SR 26 at the intersection of SR 69/365 (turn right if coming from the south) in Rome. Only open April - December.
Park stamp for Fort Stanwix NM
Gateway NRA
Park brochure for Gateway NRA
Park Map
Synopsis: Recreation area preserving open space in and around NYC.
Stamp Location: Known locations include Breezy Point & Floyd Bennett Field, exit 11S off the Belt Pkwy (Field is right before the toll bridge, Breezy is past the bridge and follow the signs to Fort Tilden), and the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge VC, exit 17S off the Belt Pkwy. Additionally, there are three locations on Staten Island includung Fort Wadsworth on Bay St., Great Kills Park Ranger Station on Hylan Blvd, and the Miller Field Ranger Station on New Drop Ln. See also New Jersey for an addtional stamp location.
Park stamp for Gateway NRA
General Grant NM
Park brochure for General Grant NM Synopsis: Park preserves tomb and life story of the Civil War leader and later president. Remains the largest mausoleum in North America today.
Stamp Location: Stamp is located at the information desk to the left as you enter the tomb on at Riverside Dr and West 122nd St in New York City.
Park stamp for General Grant NM
Governors Island NM
Park brochure not obtained yet Synopsis: Park preserves island and two former military institutions make up the monument.
Stamp Location: Stamp may be obtained from the park ranger while on a tour of the island from lower Manhattan.
Park stamp not obtained yet
Hamilton Grange NM
Park brochure not obtained yet Synopsis: Park preserves the home of founding father Alexander Hamilton.
Stamp Location: Stamp is located in the home at 287 Convent Ave in New York City.
Park stamp for Hamilton Grange NM
Home of Franklin D Roosevelt NHS
Park brochure for Home of Frakin D Roosevelt NHS
Park Map
Synopsis: Site contains home of the nation's longest term president, as well as the presidential library and gravesite.
Stamp Location: Stamp is located in the information center outside the home on US 9, six miles north of Poukeepsie in Hyde Park.
Park stamp for Home of Fraklin D Roosevelt NHS

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