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NPS Passport Cancellation Guide:Tips

Having visited more three quarters of all the NPS sites, we have learned some invaluable tips on visiting, and obtaining the cancellation stamps along the way. Below are some tips for you on your journey from what we have learned over the years.

Planning Tips | Travelling Tips | Site Tips

Planning Tips

Before heading out, it might be a good investment to purchase a trip navigation software like Delorme's Map n Go or Street Atlas USA. With a program like this, you can list your starting point for each day, then each site that you plan to visit and the program will then tell you what is the fastest, most scenic or direct route between the sites. Using the software ahead of time will let you plan more efficiently, and know how many sites that you can fit into each day.

Its also a good idea to visit the parks official homepage over at the NPS Homepage to get an idea as to the hours, facilities and what that particular site has to offer. You may learn that a particular site is of more interest to you than another, and that you'll want to spend more time there. Some sites are only open seasonally, and this will save you some time if you're travelling in the off season.

You can also find out how that site recommends that you get there, the climate there, and much, much more. What they don't tell you is where you need to go to get the passport cancellation. That's where the information pages here on sites will help you out.

Travelling Tips

If you're planning a multiday outing, some preparation is in order. You'll need to have your routing all mapped out, or better yet, program it in a laptop that you can bring with you. One of the great features of the navigation software is that you can hook it up to a GPS unit and have it precisly tell you where you are, how much further you have to go and so on. It will even speak to you and tell you when and where to turn! You can also zoom in and out to get more detailed street information or zoom out to get the big picture. Try that with a paper map!

Once you have all that, you need to ready your car for the drive. I like to bring a cooler along that I pack with ice and soda, water and snacks. That's easy if you're going from home, but if you fly in to a location, you can pick up a cooler for under $20 at your destination and then donate it to someone local on the last day of the trip. It may seem like a waste, but the cost is a small price to pay for the convienence of cold beverages on hand at any moment. It will save a great amount of time stopping for a pop when you want one.

I also like to travel with a suitcase and one small bag. The small bag is day bag that will have that days clothes ready to go. So, all I need to do is check into my lodging and bring that bag with me. The next morning I remove the soiled clothes from the bag (while wearing the clean clothes) and put a new set of clean clothes in the bag ready for the next night. It saves a lot of time and the hastle of carrying all your clothes with you into your lodging each night.

Site Tips

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